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Rates shown are a guide, fees may be negotiated dependant on the shoots details.

I do not charge an additional fee for model release (while shooting at any location) or studio hire when shooting in my own premises, but distance dependent, may require travel expenses

For images of adult level images, please google my name, there's plenty published.

All clothed levels including:

Portrait & Fashion

Lingerie & Swimwear

Glamour & Pole Dancing

Alternative & Mild Fetish

Stills               Video

2hr: £90            2hr: £110

4hr: £150           4hr: £180

8hr: £250          8hr: £300

(minimum 2hr booking applies)

Nudity Levels (Non Adult):

Topless & Implied Nude

Artistic Nude

Classical Nude

Playboy Nude

Stills               Video

2hr: £110            2hr: £140

4hr: £180           4hr: £230

8hr: £300           8hr: £380

(minimum 2hr booking applies)


I work up to solo continental levels. Apart from very soft G/G levels

(touching boobs/bums), I do not work to adult levels with any other model or performer.

Emails asking for levels beyond my limits will be ignored.

Stills                 Video

1hr: £100           1hr: £140

2hr: £150           2hr: £195

  4hr: £250          4hr: £315  

 8hr: £415          8hr: £525


Please use the following contact form for all inquiries and to make a booking request.

I am the owner of this website and all messages come straight through to my email account.

If you prefer to email direct, you can do so by clicking here:

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