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Please note this page needs updating after my recent slowly-but-surely closing down notice. Please refer to the home page of this site for the most relevant information. Thankyou.

Hi, i'm Cameron Amor, experienced model of many styles for around 20 years. With the help of my assistant manager Georgina Gee, equally experienced, we are able to offer hire of the studio suitable for fashion, glamour, alternative, adult and fetish.


I have my own premises in Hull, consisting of a glamour and

fetish studio located across 2 floors of a detached building just outside the city centre. I use the studio for my own shoots as

well as making it available for private & commercial hire.


The studio is in a detached building located on Chanterlands Avenue, Hull - HU5 3TL

an easily accessible retail street just outside the city centre, but within a residential area. There is free on-street parking. Please

be aware that the studios are within a single brick building. Loud noises can easilly be heard outside the walls. Video production

is allowed in the studio, but noise must be kept to a minimum.



The main entrance to the studios, access to the yard, bathroom, kitchen and sofa area are all on the

ground floor so those not wishing to see the fetish studio do not have to do so. Disabled access is available

to all these areas when entering through the yard. There is a small drop of around an inch in the floor when

entering the glamour studio. Unfortunately the fetish studio can only be accessed via a flight of stairs.

 There are a number of electric heaters throughout the studio. Many Hotels/B&B's and eateries nearby.



There is a basic set of lights available for use including:

2 flash lights, 2 constant lamps, a soft box and a number of reflectors &

umbrellas in white silver & gold.

Accessories include: snoot, honeycomb

& barn doors with 4 colour gels.

 You are welcome to use your

own lighting if preferred.

Most sets within the studio are easilly moved, so that the brick walls and wallpapers can be used as

backdrops. There are also 3 screens that can be moved & used. There is a moveable backdrop stand extendable to 300cm in width and 270cm in height. 2m wide material backdrops in white, black & green.

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