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Please note this page needs updating after my recent slowly-but-surely closing down notice.

Only the dungeon/fetish studio is now available for hire. I will update the images shown here soon. Please refer to the home page of this site for the most relevant information. Thankyou.












The four poster bed in the last image is located in the fetish studio, but

can be dressed to be used for glamour and other non fetish themes.

The glamour studio is on the ground floor. A majoritively black painted floor with a number of rugs that

can be rearranged to suit your theme and predominantly white walls including a large white brick wall

(great as a stand alone backdrop) and white ceiling, great for bouncing lights around. Other walls include

bright orange feature wallpaper and a neutral brown/beige setting. Items can be rearranged to create

different sets. There are a number of bedding sets, wall art and ornaments to vary set designs.












The standing cage in the last image is located in the glamour

studio, but is covered with a curtain when not in use.

The fetish studio is on the first floor. The dark background is great for moody/alternative & fetish shoots,

but versatile also for glamour also. The main wall is a painted black brick wall, the second in a deep red and

large alcove covered in a white padded leather effect wallpaper - all great as stand alone backdrops.

The majority of the floor is covered in black PVC sheeting. Great for messy shoots inc WAM/splosh & W/S

(please be aware that we do not have shower facilities, hot water can only be achieved from the kettle). Items

can be easily moved to vary sets. There are also a number of smaller implements to set a fetish scene.

There is a semi private yard with seating that can be used as a smoking area or for shoots of many

styles. Some areas can be used for adult/fetish stills, but details must be discussed prior to shooting

inside the building so as adult talk is not heard by the neighbours. Prior notice must be given to the

studio if you intend to use the yard in this way so that preparations can be made to make it

more private. It is not suitable for adult video with audio of an adult/fetish nature.

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