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M A Studios – Covid19 Guidance

So we business owners were told to remove this months ago... but...

Before attending the studio:

If you think you probably have it or any other infectious virus for that matter, I'm sure all parties involved can rearrange the booking, lets not knowingly make each other ill.

General Precautions:

Vulnerability: At the time of booking, please advise of any health conditions that may make you (and/or anyone attending the studio with you) more vulnerable to Covid19 or any other contact/airborne virus so any extended precautions can be considered if preferred. Appointments are spaced to allow ample time between each for cleaning and ventilation. An air purifier has been placed in both floors of the studio. This can be turned on prior & throughout your booking by request.

Cleaning/Hygiene: I clean thoroughly between each booking. Sanitisers, tissues, 3 layer paper masks, antibacterial wipes and disposable gloves are available on each floor of the studio. A 2m social distance, if needed, is easily achievable in the studio. All bins throughout the studio are non-contact, either open top or pedal bins. Antibacterial liquid hand wash and paper towels are provided in the bathroom.

Refreshments: Free tea/coffee/cordial available. Bottles of chilled still water available to any vulnerable to risk of sharing mugs.

Studio Hire Specific Information For The Vulnerable:

There are no windows in the building so please be aware of all precautions taken so you can make your own decisions regarding mask wearing and social distancing. There is an air purifier on each level of the building that can be turned on prior to and throughout the booking with advance request. There is a small air vent in the changing room adjacent to the fetish studio, so we recommend leaving the door propped open to this room wherever possible to allow airflow if vulnerability needs to be considered.

We ask that any smaller props handled are left together on top of the bed for thorough cleaning.

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