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Important Updates Re Bookings


Due to many changes in my personal life and the growth of a second business, although still taking limited bookings, I am now announcing a slow progression to the closure of my studio so I can concentrate more on my family and the other business.

Current Expected Closure: March 2023

Please don't all jump on me in a panic because i may not be able to keep

on top of you all. There's numerous months to go yet and the expected date is

more likely to be delayed than brought forward. Please read through this page before emailing in haste. This page supersedes any other within this site.

will update the other pages when i find some free time, if it exists? Ha!

Femdom Sessions


I have limited time available for Femdom sessions, so to allow My precious

time to be available to those who have served Me faithfully for numerous

years, I'm no longer accepting applications from new submissive's.

Previous visitors hoping to make a booking should do so via

Text/WhatsApp for a speedier reply. Don't call without messaging first to arrange

a suitable time as it is likely to be ignored if I am busy with other things.

If you have served Me previously, but no longer have My phone

number, emails should be sent to emailing, please clearly state who you are, how I will remember you from a previous session, what your likes/curiosities/limits are, dates/times you are usually available.

New applicants will be ignored.

Femdom/Modelling Availability:

Wed - Thu: 12pm - 4pm

Fri: 12pm - 6pm

Sat & Sun: 12pm - 8pm

Modelling Bookings


I am continuing taking modelling bookings at my studio and other locations

within 2 hours travel time by public transport from Hull city centre only.  If we have

already worked together, text or WhatsApp is the best way to contact me.

Otherwise please email all booking enquiries to

clearly stating all shoot details: Location, time length of shoot, shoot

content/levels, photos/videos, potential dates, links to references.

My levels and fees can be seen within my model portfolio pages. I work up to

solo continental levels. Apart from very soft G/G levels (touching boobs/bums),

I do not work to adult levels with any other model or performer.

Emails asking for levels beyond my limits will be ignored.

Studio Hire Bookings

The hire of the dungeon/fetish studio only is now available: Fri - Sun 11am - 9pm.

The fetish studio will not be changing until 2023.

The rest of the studio is no longer available (unless booking myself as a model)

as gradually items will be removed.

Please email all booking enquiries to


Thank you to all for your support over the last 10 years :-)

It's been an absolute blast :-D i'm not done yet even if the studio nearly is :-(

How could i be?! Just time to slow down a bit in some areas

and have some time to enjoy the personal life too :-)

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